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Since people worldwide are increasingly obsessed with hair, having thick hair can greatly improve the personal and professional life of a person, people who suffer from hair loss are always trying a wide range of products to prevent hair loss. The effectiveness of these products will vary, since they may not be linked to the cause of the hair loss. A few of the large number of products available for preventing or reducing hair loss can be categorized as
Hair oil to prevent hair thinning
Hair shampoo and conditioners- Most of the popular shampoos have a anti-dandruff and anti-hairfall version. However some users, like domain investor, find that their hair continues to fall all the time despite using almost every shampoo.
Supplements like Oziva. Though Oziva ad featuring actress deepika padukone was shown extensively on hindi television channels for some time, the product was not available in pharmacies in small towns like panaji. Since then Oziva has stopped advertising on television. In the United states, the number of products to reduce hair loss is far more than the products available in India

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