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Almost every with hair on their head suffers from hair loss
Some of the main reasons for hair loss are
- Stress, lack of proper sleep
- lack of proper nutrition
- radiation torture
- hereditary factors
- applying hair coloring products containing chemicals
- using hair straighteners or other products which heat the hair
- tangled hair
- chemotherapy - patients who are treated for cancer
- medicines for treating illness
- itching scalp, dandruff due to which the person will scratch his head, causing hair loss

Instead of realizing that citizens whose hair is falling, have almost no control over it, and are trying to stop it, security agencies are further harassing citizens because they do not have thick hair. This attitude shows the lack of humanity. Hair loss is very inconvenient because the hair will fall out any time, and it fall on the clothes, hands, food and every where else.

The falling hair will also clutter the floor, which has to be swept repeatedly to remove the loose hair. It will also clog the drains while washing the hair. So in addition to affecting the appearance of the person, hairloss is extremely inconvenient for the person suffering from it. Instead of having pity for the person whose hair is falling rapidly, government agencies are targetting them for harassment, cheating,exploitation

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