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Many of the older women celebrities, politicians have thick and lustrous hair. However often this is not their original hair these women are using hair extensions. The real domain investor has reason to believe that the gujju domain fraudster raw employee stock broker amita patel, featured on moneycontrol, hindu business line, who is faking ownership of this and other domains is using hair extensions, Indicating high levels of financial fraud in the indian internet sector, since 2010, ntro/raw/cbi employees are falsely claiming to own the domains of a private citizen, who they HATE, criminally defame, and getting a monthly government salary at the expense of the real domain investor Since the government refuses to end the domain ownership, financial fraud, to pay for domain renewals the domain investor has written articles on various topics. Some of the websites for which the mainly marketing articles were written were websites selling hair extensions and purchasing hair. Women who have thick long hair, can make some money selling the hair. The hair will be used for making wigs, hair extensions. The woman should specify the length of her hair, in some case send a photo and the hair buyer will offer a price.

The hair extensions are available in various styles and are sold online as well as offline. Outside india a large number of websites are selling the hair extensions online. The website is listing the hair extension with the hair color, extension length, hair type, whether it is straight, curly, wavy. The user can order the hair extension, and then fix it on their hair at home following the instructions provided.

For better fitting of the hair extension, the user can get the hair extension fitted at the hair stylist. However, after a few weeks, the fitting may become loose, so the user may have to visit the hair stylist again.

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