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One of the main reasons for modifying the website is the increasing discrimination against women, especially older women, because they do not have thick enough hair. Indicating the worsening status of women in India, Indian security agencies encouraged to criminally defame women who have thinning hair and are falsely linking the education, income, skills of women with the thickness of their hair. The security and intelligence agencies are openly humiliating women, they refuse to acknowledge that hair thickness is directly linked to hereditary factors, diet and stress.

While the well paid and often good looking government employees are free to choose their friends, girlfriends, wives on the basis of their appearance, especially thickness of their hair, it is an indication of the lack of professionalism in the government agencies, especially, ntro, raw, cbi, security agencies that they are falsely linking the education and income of a citizen, especially a single woman professional with the thickness of her hair in a small town like panaji, goa

The domain investor, a single woman engineer, who has lost a lot of hair in the last 11 years, due to torture, criminal defamation and harassment of the security and intelligence agencies does not doubt that the wives of rich men have thick and lustrous hair. The wives have no other work, other that cooking, supervising cleaning, and taking care of themselves to look attractive so that their rich husbands do not leave them for younger and attractive women. Usually the rich husband will pay the wife a fixed amount monthly usually Rs 20000-30000 for home expenses, grooming, the wife does not have to do any job.

In contrast older single women professionals are financially independent, they have to deal with customers, and there is often a lot of stress. Additionally in the indian internet sector, the state and indian government is openly involved in slavery of older single women, refusing to acknowledge the work they do, money they spend. This government slavery in the indian internet sector, is adversely affecting the diet of the domain investor, she does not have time to cook healthy and nutritious food.

While actors and models are paid on the basis of their appearance, hair thickness, the government agencies should stop criminally defaming, discriminating against older single women just because their hair is not thick enough . Most women have very less control over the growth of their hair, though they may try various products to end the hair thinning. It is time that the powerful government agencies have the honesty to acknowledge the fact, and the humanity to stop humiliating, harassing and discriminating against women just because their hair is not thick enough.

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