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Increasingly the beauty of a woman is linked to the thickness of her hair, at least in India. With job opportunities for educated women in india decreasing according to statistical data available, women are increasingly being conditioned to focus only on looking good, to seduce powerful rich men, and become housewives or sugar babies. So while a few decades ago, women professionals focussed on their career, they are now increasingly focussing on looking attractive having thick and lustrous hair since they have fewer opportunities.

One of the best indications of how indian women are focussing on their hair only, is parachute ad which is shown on some hindi channels. In the ad various women with thick and lustrous hair are being shown, saying that her hair is her identity (pehchan) there is nothing else which is unique about her. While some women are lucky to have enough free time and money to take proper care of their hair, others like the domain investor, private citizen, who is a victim of government SLAVERY since 2010, is wasting her time fighting the government SLAVERY, and has very less free time.

Another trend is how many women are straightening their hair since they look well groomed. The greatest gujju domain fraudster raw employee stock broker amita patel featured on moneycontrol, hindu business line, and who is getting a monthly government salary for FAKING ownership of this and other domains, has straightened hair. The hair straightening is fairly expensive costing Rs 10000 a few years ago, though the cost has reduced to some extent in the last few years. There are also a large number of products for making the hair thicker and more attractive which are described separately.

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