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Increasingly in india security agencies and others are openly ridiculing people who do not have thick and lustrous hair, while pampering and rewarding people who have thick hair in a clear case of discrimination. They fail to realize that the thickness of the person's hair will greatly vary depending on a number of factors,which are often beyond the control of the person, with age being one of the main factors

While the government agencies are trying to justify the government SLAVERY using the thickness of hair the fact remains that the domain investor also had thick hair when she was young and living with her parents. However government SLAVERY was not prevalent in india thirty years ago, the domain investor did not get credit or monthly salary without doing any computer work, just because her hair was thick unlike today when the shameless fraud indian tech and internet companies allegedly led by google, tata are using thickness of hair to justify their government SLAVERY, labor law violations and financial fraud

Most children have very thick hair, and the hair also does not fall very often. It is observed that housewives who are only COOKING, CLEANING for their husband, and not working elsewhere also often have thick and lustrous hair, because they have plenty of free time to take care of their hair, appearance, and also cook nutritious food, with plenty of proteins to make their hair thick. In most homes, if the husband is making plenty of money, the wife only has to cook, clean, so she is leading a stress free life, and has thick hair.

In contrast, most working women, who have their own income are extremely stressed since they have to work like men, and also cook, do the other household chores with no one to help them in any way. While some women are able to handle the stress well, in other women, the high stress levels affect their appearance, and their hair starts falling faster, or grey hair appears in their head. So these women face hairthinning problems, which adversely affects their appearance. Additionally the security agencies are also targetting older women with thinning hair for harassment, especially in panaji, goa

Compared to women, more men are like to face a problem of hair thinning, sometimes because of hereditary factors and also hormonal reasons. Men loose the hair on their head to become bald.This has led to a large number of products for treating baldness in men, including hair transplants, wigs and oils. However, the effectiveness of the various products for treating hair thinning will vary.

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